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AXA Foundation scholarships

Record of the meeting of the Commission appointed for the selection of the Postdoctoral Researcher proposed by the UA to attend the call 2016 of the AXA Foundation.

Download the document at the following link

The researcher who has obtained the highest score has been Raquel Sánchez Romero, so it will be proposed as a candidate for the 2015-2016 AXA Foundation scholarships by the University of Alicante.




 La Universidad de Alicante ha sido seleccionada para presentar un candidato/a a la convocatoria para las becas de la Fundación AXA 2015-2016.

AXA scholarship contribute 130,000€ for the financing of two year contract for uninvestigador/a post-doctoral and research expenses associated.

The requirements for candidates to be able to attend are:

  1. Having obtained his doctor's degree in the 5 years prior to December 14, 2015 (date of closure of the first phase of the selection process)
  2. They should not enjoy a fixed contract (... ( not be holding a permanent academic position...)

Interested parties must submit a basic science research project dedicated to a better understanding of global risks (environmental risks, risks of life and socio-economic risks). For more details see the APPLICATION GUIDELINES.

The pre-selection of the applicant by the AU to be considered by the AXA Foundation, will take place between the interested who send an email to before Friday, November 20 at 2 p.m. showing their interest in being preselected. The email should include the data of the person concerned: name, email, date of obtaining the title of doctor and the UA Department which will develop the project, as well as the name of the investigator to oversee to the post-doctoral hired.

Monday, November 23 the list of the candidates is shall draw up and will be communicated by e-mail that, before Friday, November 27 at 14 hours must submit the originals through the general register of the AU, and copy via email, of the following documents:

  1. The post-doctoral project Synopsis: 1.5 pages maximum (including references).
  2. Detailed CV of the candidate: 2 pages maximum + ½ page with the most relevant publications.
  3. Research career: 1 maximum page. Will be presented: the topic of the thesis and its relationship with the project at present, justification for its realization at the UA, the financing of the AXA Foundation can contribute to its achievement and professional goals of the candidate.
  4. Brief history of the supervisor with a list of the 10 most relevant publications of its research group in the last 3 years: 1 maximum page.

The pre-selection process will be coordinated from the Vice President of research, development and innovation. The selection Committee will be chaired by the Director of the Secretariat of research and will be formed by the UA researchers related to the area of knowledge of the candidates.

On Wednesday, 3 December , the Commission will announce the name of the candidate. Confirmed your acceptance, you will be registered in the grants management platform. From the AXA Foundation and through this platform, the candidate will receive via email all the information needed to access the request form, which will already be solely responsible. As requested you documents relating to its proposal (in this first phase will be a reduced proposal) in line with the already requested for his preselection (documents 1, 2 and 3). The reduced proposal will be until Monday, December 14 (12 h CET time).

In a second phase, and be selected, you will receive 23 February 2016 a release from the AXA Foundation urging him to submit a complete proposal no later than March 21, 2016.

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