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Technology platforms in which participates the UA

The technology platforms (PT) are groupings of entities in a particular sector led by the industry coming together to define a strategic research Agenda (Strategic Research Agenda, SRA) with which to respond to sectoral problems, improving competitiveness and promoting research and innovation.

They are initiatives that are backed by the European Union and the Spanish Government, where its main objective is to achieve scientific and technological advances that will ensure the competitiveness, sustainability and growth of our business, aligning strategies of different actors and focus r & d efforts.

The importance of the PT is proposing part of the content in the research priorities that the European Commission is launching.

The University of Alicante is part of different platforms through which seeks to improve European and national competitiveness through the stimulation of research, technological development and innovationn. The PT in which participates the UA are:



Bio·based Industries



Technological platform of the wine


Spanish Technological platform of chemistry




Spanish Technological platform of the biomass

European platform of the Hydrogen and of the

Batteries of Fuel



Network for the coordination and development of services of proteómica




Platform of technologies for the health

and the active and independent life


European technology platform dedicated to

software, services and data





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