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The diagram ERA-NET came up in the VI  Framework Program of IDT of the UE to support the cooperation and the coordination of activities, programs and national initiatives related with the science, the technology and the innovation with the aim to reinforce the European Space of Investigation (European Research Area, ERA).

The UA can present applications in ERA-NETs in which previously the Government has taken part.

Access HERE to the listing of the ERA-NET in which takes part Spain through the MICINN.

Access HERE to the listing of the ERA-NET in which takes part Spain through the CDTI.




The Technological Platforms (TP) are associations of entities involved in a concrete sector, led by the industry, with the aim to define the European Strategic Diary (in English: SRA) on subjects strategically important and with a big social importance, in which attain the European aims of growth, competitiveness and sustainability.

The Technological Platforms carries out a essential function to range better the priorities of investigation of the UE with the needs of the industry. In them have to take part all the elements of the chain science, technology and company.

The participation of universities, public organisms of investigation, technological centres, companies of technological base, of engineering, services, manufacture of goods of team and final users of the technologies, guarantee that the knowledges generated by means of the investigation transform in technologies and processes and,  in products and commercialized services.ACUERDOS

What do we use it?

Through the cooperation of the key agents in a determinate technology, the technological platforms can define the technological priorities and necessary investigation of this sector to half-long term and coordinate the national and European investments, public and private, in I+D, by what can contribute of an important way to the development of the European Space of Investigation.

The importance of the PT reside in that proposes part of the contents in the priorities of investigation that the European Commission is setting up.

The UA takes part actively in the following Technological Platforms:






In a very limited number of cases, the magnitude of an aim of IDT and the scale of the necessary resources could justify the building of an association public-private on a long-term basis in shape of Joint Technology Initiative, JTI.

The JTI´s structure through consortiums between the public and private entities involved in move sources and mechanisms of public and private funding, European and national. Will be able to establish legal entities to administer the incoming. Said entities will supervise the combination and utilisation of public and private funding to implement the programs of investigation indicated.

The possible coordinate technological initiatives will determine open and transparent form in base to criteria of specific evaluation and in determinate cases will structure the investigation to realise in these sectors inside the 7PM.


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